11 Of The Greatest World Cup Jerseys

World Cup fever is almost over for 2018, but with probably one of our favourite tournaments to date, it definitely has been exciting and action-packed, as well as a lot of huge talking points from the highly debatable VAR. But let’s take a step back from the football and have a look at something a little closer to our hearts… the fashion design of some of our favourite World Cup jerseys…

Peru 1970

Simple, elegant and timeless, Peru’s jersey from the 1970 World Cup truly was a thing of beauty. Peru’s top has remained pretty much unspoilt since 1936, when the sash replaced a single thick hoop – to mark the traditional manner of distinguishing teams when both wore white, rather than to award it an inalienable smartness, which it did all the same.

Nigeria 2018

The only thing bigger than the World Cup tournament this summer may indeed be the Nigeria kit. The jersey created by Nike was the most hyped-over jersey, causing the internet to go crazy and breaking pre-order records. The only downside is we will no longer see the “Naija” on our screens as Nigeria have been knocked out at the group stages.

Argentina 1986

We could have put at least 10 of the last Argentina kits from the last World Cup’s in here, but where’s the fun in that? We have selected the 1986 Argentina kit as one of our all time favourites, not only because Diego wears it so well, but the central stripe is white rather than light blue, which somehow just seems to give the jersey a whole new dimension from your classic Argie top.

Scotland 1998

So we may be feeling a little bit biased here, but who cares. The last time Scotland reached a major football tournament was 20 years ago. Yes, 20.

This classic Umbro kit was famously televised around the World on the opening game of the 1998 France World Cup. This baggy V -neck number is still kicking around our house somewhere, hopefully not for another 20 years though!

France 1998

Staying in France in 1998, the home nations kit produced by Adidas was bold and included a cheeky Tricolor between the three Adidas lines down the sleeves. The strip, of course, became their good luck charm as they went on to win the tournament this year, beating Brazil 3-0 in the final.

Italy 1982

This tight sleeved polo shirt was probably one of the coolest World Cup jerseys ever produced. No more words are needed.

West Germany 1990

Perhaps the most classic strip ever produced, West Germany’s technicoloured Adidas jersey can still be seen worn as casual streetwear all over the world. This design choice came with political resonances, but also told the story of the team that wore the kit.

Croatia 1998

Lotto boldly designed the Croatian flag onto the jersey. Croatia was a new country and played in its first major tournament this year, so we can safely say they certainly made their impact.

Brazil 2002

At the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Brazil participated for the 17th time in the event. The country remained as the only national team to have participated in every installment of the FIFA World Cup. Brazil reached the final where they defeated Germany 2–0. The yellow uniform of the Brazilian national team, known as “canarinho (canary) jersey”, became one of the most famous symbols of Brazil. In 2002 Nike had added bold green strikes throughout the jersey which produced one of the countries most famous jerseys.

Holland 1974

The black-collared 1978 kit has its disciples, but for the most vitamin-rich Oranje hit, it has to be 1974. This was 70s minimalism at its best, with bold colours and three Adidas stripes – two if you were Johan Cruyff – for decoration.

Cameroon 2002

At the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations, Cameroon took to the field in green basketball vests, and though nothing in the laws of the game prevented them from so doing, Fifa, replete with spare time after ridding the game of corruption and inequality, deemed the shirts illegal. So, for the Japan-South Korea World Cup, black sleeves were added to create precisely the effect that had troubled the authorities so, without contravening a non-existent statute.

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