Famiglia Quaranta – Forty Family by Nicole Bidoli

AW17 Military Inspired Shirt Jacket

With an unbridled thurst for knowledge about fabrics, design and the ever changing needs of our customer, which is at the forefront of our mind, we are proud to present our new shirt jacket.

It is always important to find the right balance between our own inspiration and ideas and what our customer will want.

forty-clothing-aw17-military-inspired-jacketThe piece comes from a long days and late nights, brain storming session with myself, Harry & Peter of Forty Clothing at our design offices in Glasgow. Quickly followed by a collection of inspirational images and design development through sketches.

The shirt jacket takes inspiration from the military field jacket. Stripping the garment down to its fundamental details to created a clean cut easy-to-wear garment.

The fabric has come from one of the most prolific British technical mills who also produce fabrics for military and pharmaceutical uniforms bringing you a product which is highly durable, lightweight, windproof, rain resistant and packable.

The jacket is the first of our new limited hand crafted range available in very limited numbers. The first drop of our new AW17 limited 1-9 ranging from size S-XL.

The garment features an 6 hidden button closure, 2 in seam pocket details and 2 flap pockets for the storing of accessories.

We’re really looking forward to the opportunity to present our passion for colour, fabric and the technical aspect of our the Forty Clothing outerwear collection.