The seventh edition of the Riverside Festival gets even more special with the announcement of an exclusive design collaboration with Forty Clothing.

Inspired by the connection between music, emotion and frequency – each piece has been named using a frequency number which corresponds directly to human emotion. It draws on a shared passion between clothing and music and takes influences from the Riverside Festival logo which mimics the iconic rooftop of the Zaha Hadid designed Riverside Museum.

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    Raveform iPhone 7 & 8 case (Black)


    Raveform 125Hz Sweat (Grey)


    Raveform 125Hz Sweat (Black)


    Raveform 700Hz Sweat (Grey)


    Raveform 700Hz Sweat (Black)

  • RF_TEE4W

    Raveform 600Hz Tee (White)

  • RF_TEE4B

    Raveform 600Hz Tee (Black)

  • RF_TEE3W

    Raveform 450Hz Tee (White)

  • RF_TEE3B

    Raveform 450Hz Tee (Black)

  • RF_TEE2W

    Raveform 528Hz Tee (White)

  • RF_TEE2B

    Raveform 528Hz Tee (Black)

  • RF_TEE1W

    Raveform 125Hz Tee (White)

  • RF_TEE1B

    Raveform 125Hz Tee (Black)

  • RF_BP_B

    Raveform Drawstring Bag (Black)

  • RF_BP_G

    Raveform Drawstring Bag (Grey)


    Raveform Tote Bag (Black)