The story so far…

Returning home late from work one night I noticed that my 3 year old son, Bryce, had been drawing. One drawing in particular immediately caught my eye – the now recognisable face of the Forty Monster.

The more I looked at Bryce’s drawing, the more I knew I was looking at something special, and after posting it online, it seemed I wasn’t the only one. A good friend of mine – who happens to be a graphic designer – commented that the monster would look great on a t-shirt, and the seed was planted. We got together soon after, and Forty Clothing was born.

Our ever growing customer base have taken the monster to their hearts. We pride ourselves on producing high quality streetwear with an edge.

Forty is a brand born from the belief that inspiration is all around us, that if you open your eyes and heart, work hard and learn to trust yourself your dreams can and do come true.
Welcome to the Forty family.