Three Colors Trends to Watch for AW18

Autumn is here which means it’s officially time to pack up your tanks for more rich fabrics and hues. Just because the weather is getting drearier doesn’t mean you have to throw all colour out the window in favour of blacks and greys. In fact, this autumn we are redefining neutrals. Here are three trending colours for the AW18 season, that you can incorporate into your wardrobe right now.


This vibrant alternative to brown or camel is more than just a condiment these days. An autumn favourite, mustard can be a great way of adding some colour to the rest of your outfit, but can also work as a neutral, depending on how you style it. Designers, fashion bloggers and celebrities alike are loving this season’s it-color, so you will definitely have no problems finding it in stores. Mustard yellow turtle necks, scarves and sweaters are very trendy ways of incorporating this shade into your wardrobe so keep an eye out for opportunities to step outside the box.


Eggplant (also known as aubergine) is a rich, maroon-y purple and is a perfect cool weather colour, as it goes well with many of your other autumn favourites. While it may not seem versatile enough to be included as a neutral, it actually can work in the same way you might wear black, brown or grey but trendier. Eggplant embraces all the wonderful aspects of autumn— the beautiful changing leaves and the warm, earthy hues and is an interesting colour to work into your everyday looks. This shade also works well on many different skin tones, so there are no worries about it washing you out or clashing with other colours


It turns out that for AW18 you don’t need to pack away all your summer pastels. Eggplant’s softer, more delicate cousin will be persisting well into the colder months which means you can have a lot more fun, playing with colours in your closet this season. Lilac might seem a bit intimidating at first but think about using it as a highlight colour or a way to add pops of colour to your outfit. Wear it peeking out beneath a cardigan or a sweater before working your way up to full lilac-toned pieces if you’re unsure about this seemingly summer colour in the autumn.

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